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Roll Works

is a comprehensive system for all roll processing tasks in the steel, aluminum and paper industries. It manages all essential components, such as rolls and grinding wheels, optimizes the grinding processes of the rolls and offers comprehensive statistical evaluations of roll, wheel and grinding machine performance.


is a comprehensive warehouse management system for the metal industry, which - focused on process automation and optimization - implements logistics tasks related to storage as well as supply and disposal of connected production facilities (rolling mills, galvanizing plants, slitting lines, etc.).

Crane Pilot

enables fully automatic operation of a bridge or gantry crane. It takes over the complete control of the crane and the manipulation of the goods, such as coils, and the processing of all transport orders to be carried out.

Scan Analyzer 3D

Scan Analyzer 3D was developed as a system component for our own system solutions and is used for object detection, making it an ideal component of fully automated systems, such as automatic bridge and gantry cranes, among others. Thus, Scan Analyzer 3D also represents a standard component of our CranePilot.

Special projects

Here you will find a selection of projects that have been designed and implemented by us and successfully used by our customers. Please choose from the following areas:


3D object detection, vibration monitoring, identification system, planning and control system, MES, equipment simulator, structural analysis, measurement value acquisition, automatic waste disposal, quality acquisition, safety device.

Automation & Visualization Industrial automation

VoIP gateways, ISDN devices, TAPI drivers, ISDN PBXs, CAPI-based ISDN cards

Drivers & system-related software Telecommunications Solutions

Roll processing MES, measurement recording, lumber sorting and WinPhone.

Distributed systems Industrial software

MES roll processing, machine performance optimization, vibration monitoring, reservation and booking system.

Database applications Production control


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