Automation & Visualisation

btec has implemented various projects in the field of automation and visualisation. These include the development of a 3D object recognition system for an automatic crane to evaluate storage positions and loading control, a vibration monitoring system for roller grinding machines to prevent surface defects, an identification system for work rolls, a planning and control system for lumber sorting systems in sawmills, an MES for roll processing, an equipment simulator for the development and integration of power engineering devices, structural analysis of roll and strip steel surfaces, vibration monitoring of roll sanding machines, measured value acquisition for sanding machines, automatic waste disposal, quality recording of sawn timber and a safety device for sanding machines.


btec has developed various applications, including a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) for the roll processing of an Austrian steel producer. The MES ensures continuous monitoring of the grinding process to meet the requirements for grinding pattern, profile, surface quality and diameter tolerances of work rolls in the hot and cold rolling area. Furthermore, a machine performance evaluation software was developed and a vibration monitoring system for a roller grinder was installed. In addition, a reservation and booking system for tennis and squash courts with subscription management, light automation and magnetic card reservation was programmed and implemented.

Database applications

btec has developed database applications for various projects, including an MES for roller machining that ensures permanent control of the grinding process, software for evaluating machine performance, a vibration monitoring system for a roller grinding machine to prevent surface defects

Distributed systems

btec has developed a comprehensive planning and control system for sawn timber sorting plants, which is in use in more than 25 of the largest sawmills in Europe. In addition, an MES for roller processing was implemented and a measurement data acquisition system for sanding machines was installed to optimise operation.

Drivers & system-related software

btec developed various projects in the area of drivers & system-related software. These include TAPI Telephony Service Provider (TSP) for various VoIP gateways, ISDN device families and analogue modems. Drivers have been developed for the various hardware devices to enable communication and integration with Windows operating systems. These TSPs support basic telephony functions as well as various ISDN comfort features. In addition, btec developed the well-known standard software WinPhone, which was included in Herold’s Austrian telephone book CD.