Roll Works Optimizer

Roll grinding even on modern CNC controlled grinding machines is like driving a car from the first half of last century. For roll grinding the wheel pressure, wheel speed, roll speed, carriage speed, etc. need to be defined separately. Actually best suited parameters – of course depending on the massive over time changing states of roll and machine – should be defined automatically for the several grinding cycles.

Roll Works Optimizer automatically calculates the current best matching parameters in consideration of maximization of stock removal rate, minimization of dangerous vibrations, minimization of wheel wear and several other important constraints.

Maybe you think it’s just as well to configure parameter sets for each permutation of grinding wheel, roll quality, profile, grinding cycle, etc. – of course it is not. Because the influence of variables like wheel diameter, roll diameter, roll profile deviation, etc. is such high you’ll get semi good parameters at maximum.

Technical Remarks

  • Roll Works Optimizer is a Learning Machine with Fuzzy Logic elements.
  • It continuously learns from historical grindings.
  • It automatically sets and permanently customizes the grinding parameters during grinding.
  • The calculated grinding parameters can be transferred to the grinding machine automatically.
  • It uses Roll Works Vibration Monitor for minimizing vibrations.
  • It’s independent on the grinding machine manufacturer – Roll Works Optimizer can be installed on any machine supporting the Roll Works Communication Interface.


  • Reduction of necessary man power.
  • Reduction of grinding time.
  • Reduction of wheel wear.
  • Surface quality improvement.
  • Saving roll material (stock removal reduction).

The system has been installed at four Finishing Mill Work Roll grinders at voestalpine Stahl in Linz since the beginning of 2007. It’s not allowed to mention exact values but the increase of grinding performance and decrease of wheel wear per centum is double digit.

It’s scheduled to install Roll Works Optimizer also on three other grinding machines – rougher rolls grinder, backup rolls grinder (even for Cold Mill) and Plate Mill grinder.