Here you will find a selection of products that have been developed and realized by us and are successfully used by our customers.

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Hier finden Sie eine Auswahl an Produkten, die von uns entwickelt und realisiert wurden und erfolgreich bei unseren Kunden eingesetzt werden.

Roll Works

Roll Works is a comprehensive system for all roll processing tasks in the steel, aluminum and paper industries. It manages all essential components, such as rolls and grinding wheels, optimizes the roll grinding processes and offers comprehensive statistical evaluations of roll, wheel and grinding machine performance.

  • Roll Works Overview describes the comprehensive features of Roll Works.
  • Roll Works Explorer is the central application for working with Roll Works. It manages all components (rolls, grinding wheels, etc.), visualizes grinding processes, provides statistical evaluations, and much more.
  • Roll Works Optimizer automatically and continuously calculates the optimal parameters during the grinding process.
  • Roll Works Automation is responsible for ensuring the specifications for roll processing.
  • Roll Works Management is an integrated solution for the efficient management and documentation of all operational processes.
  • Roll Works Communication Center is the central interface between all Roll Works components.
  • Roll Works Vibration Monitor minimizes the possible surface defects, such as chatter marks.


LVS is a comprehensive warehouse management system for the metal industry, which – focused on process automation and optimization – implements logistics tasks related to storage as well as supply and disposal of connected production facilities (rolling mills, galvanizing plants, slitting lines, etc.).

  • LVS Server is the central component that implements all external interfaces, the control of the integrated modules (LVS Crane, LVS Shuttle, etc.), and the actual data management.
  • LVS Crane integrates the signal acquisition and analysis to the sensor technology required on cranes and implements the visualization tasks necessary for the crane operator and ground personnel.
  • LVS Shuttle was developed for the fully automatic control of a shuttle for the transport of goods, such as coils.
Mehrere kaltgewalzte Metall-Coils im Zwischenlager einer Industriehalle welches durch unser LVS verwaltet wird.

Scan Analyzer 3D

Scan Analyzer 3D scans the environment, e.g. a storage area, in three dimensions and identifies objects and free spaces, such as coils, storage spaces, loading areas of e.g. trucks or wagons and is able to detect any obstacles. The data is transmitted in real time to the higher-level system for further processing.

  • Scan Analyzer 3D Basic describes the basic system structure
  • Scan Analyzer 3D Details describes the extensive functionality of the system.

Crane Pilot

Crane Pilot enables fully automatic operation of a bridge or gantry crane. It takes over the complete control of the crane and the manipulation of the goods, such as coils, and the processing of all transport orders to be carried out.

  • Crane Pilot overview describes how the system works.
Ein gelber Industriekran der durch unsere Steuerung automatisiert und optimiert und mit Hilfe von Magneten und moderner Senortechnik tonnenschwere Metallprodukte von A nach B befördert.