Roll Works Explorer

Roll Works Explorer is the main front end application to interact with the Roll Works System.

From base data management over to statistical evaluations of several performance values to the point of detailed measurement values acquired during grinding – everything is provided.

Actually online connections to all grinding machines to view current states of rolls and machines, and to transfer setting changes on the current grinding process are included.

Among others following items are provided

  • Roll, wheel, etc. base data handling (Roll Shop Management).
  • Views to complete history of all grinding operations.
  • Views to complete history of all roll installations.
  • Statistical reports on machine performances.
  • Statistical reports on wheel performances.
  • Statistical reports on grinding performances in general.
  • Statistical reports on production performances.
  • Views of all measurement device checks (Quality Assurance).
  • Document management for handling all kinds of documents concerning grinding.
  • Online visualization of grinding machine and roll states.
  • Possibility to enter grinding process presetting.
  • Possibility to online change grinding process targets.

For illustration of the supported functionalities and easy usability please download and try our Roll Works Explorer demo version.

View the following screen shots to demonstrate the capabilities of Roll Works (click to enlarge)