LVS Crane

LVS Crane shows its greatest strength through its extensive functionality when used with bridge or gantry cranes. The crane is equipped with a comprehensive sensor system that records all significant events and is used for management in the system.

All components are usually installed in the immediate vicinity of the crane operator’s cab, but some can also be set up in other positions on the crane bridge.

All transport orders, storage positions and recommended efficient crane movements are clearly displayed on a touch panel. In addition, the optimum storage position is determined and suggested for a transport item to be stored, such as coil or heavy plate.

In the following some examples of displays of our control panel:

The visualization is done in tabular and graphical form to give a quick overview of the current situation.

Pictures are coming soon.

For the identification of the goods different technologies like barcode or RFID tags can be used.

Continuous tracking during transitions between individual systems, e.g. shuttle and crane, is ensured by LVS.

The sensor technology enables the following functionalities

  • Identification of objects with e.g. barcode or RFID tags
  • Detection of the exact position of crane and trolley
  • Position and speed display for crane, trolley and hoisting gear
  • Security through personalized logon to the system via touch screen
  • Status display for the system connections

The hardware equipment includes

  • Industrial Embedded PC
  • PLC control
  • Monitor (touch screen)
  • Sensors for crane and trolley position (radar, radio, laser or barcode)
  • Scanner for product identification
  • Ethernet Switch
  • WLAN Bridge
  • USV

LVS Crane offers a comprehensive package of functionalities, which effectively and efficiently supports the work for the crane operator and thus enables significant cost savings.

For the description of the main functions of the whole system see LVS Server.

We would be pleased if we have aroused your interest in our LVS crane or other products and solutions from our company.