The coupling of software with the physical environment for the improvement of production processes represents a special challenge.

This can succeed only with a team, which has excellent knowledge in mechanical engineering and electrotechnics and can use the physical legitimacies in these areas.

btec has special expertises in the planning and construction of measurement facilities as well as the evaluation of the measured items for an optimal influencing of process parameters with the result of quality improvements and cost reductions.

Data analysis

Together with you as a plant operator we develop mathematical procedures for the evaluation and judgement of process and product parameters on automatically or manually recorded plant data. At particularly difficult problem definitions we are looking for the support from the university-near, scientific environment and take on the necessary coordination to ensure a quick project progress.


We realize monitoring and automation facilities, even under difficult industrial environmental conditions, for the supervision and control of plant parameters like speeds, temperatures, deformations up to vibrations for a specific optimization of the production process.


The human eye paired with the knowledge of an experienced plant technician for the judgement of the plant quality can not be surpassed – we can provide you the tools for the recording, storage and convenient representation of measured process parameters.