Roll Works Vibration Monitor

Roll Works Vibration Monitor is the system to avoid marks, e.g. chatter marks, on rolls caused by vibrations during grinding. It is based on a vibration sensor located on the grinding wheel housing and an analyzing device which implements roll type conditioned mathematical algorithms to detect critical vibration states.

Technical Remarks

  • Roll Works Vibration Monitor continuously measures, analyzes, visualizes and alerts on critical vibration states.
  • It permanently acquires and stores vibration data for further investigations and quality assurance.
  • Online visualization is realized through indications on the machine and in Roll Works Explorer as well.
  • Historical vibration data can be investigated by using Roll Works Explorer.
  • The definition of critical vibration states is done roll type dependent.


  • Prevention of grinding vibration caused by marks on rolls.
  • Reduction of necessary regrindings caused by marks.
  • Reduction of damaged production material.