MES for roller machining
An MES (Manufacturing Execution System) was developed and installed for the roll machining area of a large Austrian steel producer, which guarantees the requirements regarding grinding pattern, profile, surface quality, diameter tolerances, etc. of work rolls in the hot and cold rolling area by permanently controlling the grinding process.
Evaluation of machine performance
To optimise the operation of machines and systems, software was developed that determines parameters for the machine performance achieved from the essential process parameters and the processing speed.
Vibration monitoring roller grinding machine
Commissioned by a large Austrian steel producer, a vibration monitoring system was developed and installed for a roller grinding machine that processes rollers for the surface coating of strip steel in order to prevent surface defects on the rollers.
Reservation and booking system concerning tennis and squash
In 1993, the newly built tennis and squash hall of UNION ADM in Linz/Auhof was equipped with a reservation and booking system. In addition to the management of subscriptions and individual reservations for tennis and squash courts, the automatic lighting system for all courts and the extensive evaluations, the system is characterised by the possibility of reserving individual lessons via magnetic cards.