Drivers & system-related software

TAPI telephony service provider for innovaphone VoIP gateways
A 3rd party TSP for Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP has been developed for the innovaphone IP400 and IP3000 Voice over IP gateways. The TSP uses the API integrated into the gateways by innovaphone and communicates with the PBX via SOAP messages.
Driver for Profiset/Gigaset ISDN device family
TAPI drivers, audio drivers and drivers for Dial-Up Networking (DUN) under Windows 9x/Me or Remote Access Service (RAS) under Windows NT/2000/XP were developed for the ISDN telephone Profiset and the cordless ISDN telephone system Gigaset of Siemens AG.
TAPI Telephony Service Provider for analogue modems
In 1994, the first Telephony Service Providers were developed for some analogue modems and adapters as well as the dialing assistance device MegaPhone by the Viennese company Datentechnik. These were devices with AT modem command sets that could be used on analogue telephone connections for simple dialling assistance applications.
TAPI Telephony Service Provider for EuroPhone L/Europa 30i
A 16-bit TSP for Windows 3.1 or Windows 95 was developed for the ISDN phones EuroPhone L of Hagenuk Telecom GmbH or Europa 30(i) of Deutsche Telekom. Besides basic telephony, the TSP supports some ISDN comfort features as well as product-specific extensions.
TAPI Telephony Service Provider for elmeg ISDN PBXs
16- and 32-bit TSPs supporting TAPI versions 1.3 to 2.2 have been developed for elmeg’s ISDN PBX line. The 3rd party TSP offers a whole range of ISDN comfort features in addition to basic telephony functions.
TAPI Telephony Service Provider for phoneboard+
TSPs for Windows 3.1/9x/Me or Windows NT/2000/XP have been developed for the ISDN telephone phoneboard+ from CODIS Computer GmbH, which is integrated into a PC keyboard. In addition to basic telephony functions, the TSPs support a number of ISDN comfort features.
TAPI Telephony Service Provider for Euracom ISDN PBXs
Für die EURACOM ISDN-TK-Anlagen wurde ein 3rd-Party-TSP für Windows 9x/Me bzw. Windows NT/2000/XP entwickelt. Dieser TSP unterstützt bis zu 6 Nebenstellen der Telefonanlage und kann daher nicht nur für Desktop-CTI-Anwendungen, sondern auch für komplexere Serverkonfiguration eingesetzt werden.
TAPI Telephony Service Provider for CAPI-based ISDN cards
A TAPI Telephony Service Provider for Windows NT/2000/XP was developed on the basis of CAPI for a globally operating manufacturer of ISDN cards. In addition to basic telephony functions, this TSP also supports numerous comfort functions such as call forwarding, call waiting, call swapping or transfer. The TSP also contains an audio driver for the transmission of voice data and is designed for server configurations with up to 4 ISDN cards and a total of up to 120 channels.
WinPhone is a well-known standard software for computer-aided telephony, which was part of Herold’s Austrian telephone directory CD for several years. Essential parts of WinPhone were developed by a current employee of btec.