Automation & Visualisation

3D object detection for automatic crane
For the project planning and implementation of our fully automatic control for bridge and gantry cranes, our Scan Analyzer 3D is implemented as an ideal supplement. It detects and analyses objects in real time in the working area of the crane and sends the data to the crane control in order to be able to react to the objects accordingly. The tasks of the Scan Analyzer 3D include the evaluation of storage positions and loading control on trucks and trains. With the Scan Analyzer 3D, an effective 3D object detection with supplementary collision protection is thus realised.The Scan Analyzer 3D is the optimal supplement for automated systems.
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Vibration monitoring roller grinding machine
On behalf of a large Austrian steel producer, a vibration monitoring system was developed and installed for a roller grinding machine that processes rollers for the surface coating of strip steel in order to prevent surface defects on the rollers.
Identification system for rolls
An automatic identification system was installed for the work rolls of the hot rolling mill of a large Austrian steel manufacturer to guarantee the correctness of the roll selected for a grinding operation.
Planning and control system for sawn timber sorting plants
A comprehensive software package was created for planning, controlling and monitoring production on sawn timber sorting lines in sawmills, which is now in use in over 25 of the largest sawmills in Europe.
MES for roll processing
An MES (Manufacturing Execution System) was developed and installed for the roll machining area of a large Austrian steel producer, which guarantees the requirements regarding grinding pattern, profile, surface quality, diameter tolerances, etc. of work rolls in the hot and cold rolling area by permanently controlling the grinding process.
Equipment Simulator
In the course of developing a new generation of devices for energy control technology that uses communication protocols based on modern bus systems, a simulator was developed for ALSTOM for the development, testing and integration of this new technology. The simulator is entirely in software and is based on the industry standards UCA2 (Utility Communications Architecture) and MMS (Manufacturing Message Specification) or IEC 61850. The software is equipped with an integrated script language that allows extensive automation of simulation processes.
Structural analysis of roll and strip steel surfaces
Analysis software was developed for a large Austrian steel producer to measure deterministic and boundary deterministic structures of electron beam textured rolls and thus rolled sheets.
Vibration monitoring Roll grinding machines
To prevent faults caused by vibrations on rollers for processing strip steel, a system for vibration monitoring was designed and set up on four grinding machines for a large Austrian steel producer.
Measured value acquisition Roll grinding machines
In order to be able to optimise the operation of grinding machines, a measurement data acquisition system was installed for a large Austrian steel manufacturer, which permanently records the essential process parameters of 6 grinding machines.
Automatic waste disposal
The central institution building of a large pension insurance company in Vienna is equipped with a fully automatic paper and waste extraction system. The control software for this installation was completely redeveloped in 1994 under a modern real-time operating system on an embedded system.
Quality measurement of sawn timber
For a system for automatic quality detection of cut goods in sawmills, the PC-side software components for configuration, planning and monitoring of the acquisition process were developed.
Protection equipment for grinding machine
In order to safeguard a working area on a roll grinding machine that can be dangerous under certain circumstances, a category 2 safety device, in accordance with EN 954-1, was planned and installed, which puts parts of the machine out of operation in the event of acute danger to the operating personnel.