LVS Shuttle

LVS Shuttle is optimally designed for the control of one or more shuttle(s). When several shuttles are used, LVS Shuttle takes over the time and/or route optimized coordination. The tasks of LVS Shuttle include fully automatic transport, intermediate storage and registration of all transports (also manually performed) of goods such as coils.

The shuttle transports the goods e.g. from the production plant to intermediate storage positions, from where they are further transported by a crane.

Optionally, the objects can be identified by means of e.g. barcode or RFID and the data can be recorded in a database and made available to other systems, such as CranePilot, for further processing.

The system includes the following essential functionalities

  • The fully automatic control of the shuttle
  • Management and coordination of temporarily stored goods
  • Tabular representation of the temporarily stored goods
  • Highlighted display of the most important stored goods data
  • Identification of goods with e.g. barcode or RFID tags (optional)
  • status indicators

The hardware equipment includes

  • PC for LVS database
  • PLC control
  • ethernet switches
  • WiFi bridge
  • UPS
  • Coil identification scanner (optional)

The LVS Shuttle perfectly combines the fully automatic control of a shuttle with the logistical management of the goods.

For a description of the essential functions of the overall system, see LVS Server

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