Crane Pilot

Our Crane Pilot turns a bridge or gantry crane into an automatic crane and takes over complete control and management of the crane. It moves and coordinates the crane and independently carries out the storage, retrieval and transfer of transport goods such as coils. An automatic time-optimized route calculation controls the individual actions, thus ensuring effective and efficient operation.

Not only new crane systems, but also existing manually operated cranes can be upgraded to an automatic crane using Crane Pilot.

The following components are used to implement a fully automatic crane system:

* Our proven LVS
* Our innovative Scan Analyzer 3D
* Components for area protection e.g. safety PLC, safe remote I/O systems, access control, passage control and motion monitoring for personal protection 

The area in which the fully automated crane operates must be secured with a comprehensive safety system to protect against personal injury and damage to property.

Crane Pilot turns your crane into a fully automated (partial) system that increases effectiveness and efficiency and offers significant cost savings.

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