Roll Works Communication Center

The Communication Center of Roll Works is the central unit to communicate with external (grinding machines, plants, etc.) and Roll Works internal components.

The number of connected grinding machines, external devices and plants per Communication Center is unlimited. The decision how many Roll Works Communication Centers should be used for an installation depends in most cases only on space conditions (distances between machines or plants, etc.).

Roll Works Communication Center …

  • receives all measurements from the grinding machines and stores them in the database.
  • receives all used grinding parameters from the grinding machine and stores them in the database.
  • receives roll installation data from external plants and stores those in the database.
  • receives information on new detected rolls from Roll Works Roll Detection.
  • receives information on new detected wheels from Roll Works Wheel Detection.
  • takes grinding process requirements from Roll Works Automation and transfers them to grinding machine.
  • takes grinding parameters from Roll Works Grinding Optimizer and applies them to grinding machine.
  • provides actual status information on machines and rolls for all connected Roll Works Explorer instances.