LVS is a comprehensive warehouse management system for the metal industry, which – focused on process automation and optimization – implements logistics tasks around the storage as well as supply and disposal of connected production plants (rolling mills, galvanizing plants, slitting lines, etc.).

LVS Server is the central component that implements all external interfaces, the control of the integrated modules (LVS Crane, LVS Shuttle, etc.), and the actual data management.

LVS Crane integrates the signal acquisition and analysis to the sensors needed on cranes and implements the visualization tasks necessary for the crane operator and ground staff.

LVS Shuttle was developed for the fully automatic control of a shuttle for the transport of goods, such as coils.


LVS Server is part of our extensive LVS (warehouse management system), with which goods, such as coils or heavy plates, with their properties and warehouse positions, and orders to be carried out are managed in a database and made available centrally to connected systems, such as the LVS Crane, LVS Shuttle or customer system.

LVS Server is used in combination with LVS Crane in systems such as bridge and gantry cranes or in combination with LVS Shuttle for storage, retrieval and transfer of goods.

LVS Server offers a comprehensive package of functionalities that ensures optimized and coordinated crane and shuttle movements, as well as effective and efficient management of goods, thus contributing to significant cost savings.

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